Tanveer & Namita

Tanveer and Namita – Pittsburgh Proposal

-June 16th 2018-


What we have here is not only a proposal but a destination proposal! Tanveer reached out to me all the way from California! He was excited to reveal his plans to propose to his girlfriend Namita!  We went over every detail down to the ring box! I must say one of the biggest perks of this job is being apart of these big moments. I get to see first hand what we see in movies actually unfold in real life. Also I have to mention how thoughtful Tanveer is.  We decided that the Roberto Clemente Bridge would be the perfect location. With these types of proposals I have to hide in plain sight.  There were many options there where I could easily blend in. Tanveer and Namita’s flight arrived into Washington DC as scheduled and they began their drive to Pittsburgh! He had everything planned out including a beautiful dress for her to wear. He told her they just had some evening plans in the city and he wanted to dress up for the occasion. Namita began to get suspicious so he dodged her curiosity by explaining he planned a couples photo shoot for them since they were out of town! whew! I had already arrived to the location and was updated with the new plan! NO problem at all! When they arrived I noticed right away how sweet Namita was and they were ready for their session! Let me tell you I get just as nervous as the guys do for this big moment! I started with a handful of traditional photos to make the session seem real. (I mean it was a real session… with a twist!) The time had come. My code phrase was “I have to switch my lens real quick”.  Tanveer knew that meant I was going to walk to my camera bag so he can have a moment alone with Namita. And of course the rest is History! SHE SAID YES! Namita was Shocked to say the least! I do not think she was expecting a proposal at all! Now on to a small engagement session to show family and friends! Congrats again to Tanveer and Namita. Thank you for letting me be apart of it all!

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