Peter & Megan’s Proposal On Mount Washington

Peter & Megan

Proposal On Mount Washington

-July 28th 2019-

Second Shooter- Kelli Meiss

Are you ready for this amazing proposal story of Peter & Megan!? Peter and Megan are College sweethearts. This past December puts them together for 6 years! Peter asked Megan out while they were working together and made it impossible for her to say NO! He asked at just the right time. He knew that she couldn’t make any excuses because they were on fall break from school! Megan and Peter are free spirits! They love to travel and are huge Eagles Fans… (Yes I know of all places they could move….Pittsburgh but they are originally from Erie so that makes it better) Peter had been planning this for a while and just knew the time was right. He was ready to propose and wanted it to be memorable and TRUST ME IT WAS!



I really enjoy plotting and planning these proposals but Peter was all over it. Honestly it couldn’t have been a better master plan.  Did you know Peter and I have a mutual friend named Chris? Neither did I until we spoke. (Chris is not real) Megan was under the impression that Chris had recommended them to me for one of my giveaway sessions. That they were doing me a huge favor by modeling for me! Megan was excited because this would be the first time they will be photographed together. Peter had a vision and its my job as a photographer to execute that vision. Someway Somehow he wanted to be down on one knee with her facing the other way. Sounds easy enough right? So I just had to create a posing plan that would not give it away!

As soon as I met them on Mount Washington I knew this was going to be fun! They have such a great chemistry which is clearly something a photographer loves! When they arrived Peter immediately gave Kelli (My Second shooter) the ring box, his keys and cell phone. WE HAD THE RING BOX. Now we just have to make sure we get it back to him without her noticing. We did a couple standard photos just to take the edge off but inside I knew he just could not wait any longer. I always have a code phrase.. this time it was “I am going to try something new”. I know I know.. Super Creative but I mean I wasn’t lying. So the code phrase was uttered and so it began. I told them “I was going to try something new that I learned at a workshop I just attended”.  I posed them facing away from each other back to back. I asked them to close their eyes and explained we were going to tell the other person what they love about them. NO PEEKING. Peter went first and then Megan. While Megan was talking peter slipped down on one knee (after Kelli almost dropped the ring box.. we were all a bit excited). After she was finished I told them to both turn around slowly and give the other one a hug. I know she had to be thinking … what the heck did Peter get us into! Then it happened.. He was down on one knee… it all made sense now.

Megan’s reaction was priceless. It just so happens that bus loads of people were walking by as he proposed. So needless to say Megan was probably feeling every emotion a person can feel in that moment. SHE SAID YES. The way she hugged him. I get goosebumps just thinking about it! I know I write this every time but This is what its all about. I love being a part of these moments.



Now on to some fun photos to celebrate their engagement! Yes there are a lot but it was very hard to choose a favorite! Congrats again to Peter and Megan! ENJOY


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